Bolger Bobcat, 2006, La Grange, Texas, $3,500, sold 9/11/09

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2006 Bolger Bobcat

  • Length 12'3" Width 6'0"
  • Weight unknown but is a very light boat
  • Construction completed in April 2006
  • Excellent condition

    This boat is beautiful and has brought many compliments wherever I take her, she has been photographed extensively. My Bobcat is a blast to sail and is very stable, due to the wide beam. I completed the inaugural Texas200 event in this boat last year and that is well documented on their website and in the attached video. There are two articles on Ducks Magazine that I wrote, first about the construction process and the second about the first launching. This boat is fairly well known in the home built boat community due to the articles and TX200. There is a ton of storage space under the deck and the rear seat of this boat, while I was in the TX200, I had no problem storing all of my camping gear and I took way more stuff than I needed. I even slept in the boat every night. If you want a small, easily trailerable boat that acts like a much larger boat, you are looking for a Bobcat.

    Includes 2.5 HP mercury

    Trailer excellent condition, bearings replaced in 2006, and tires replaced at same time. Has bearing buddies.

    You can mark the Bobcat as sold. It took less than a week!! The buyer contacted me within 5 days from Arizona. He sent me a check and I cashed it today (not at my bank at one of his branches). I was actually leery of this deal at first, because of all the scams and the fact that he paid me for it sight unseen and plans to arrange shipping. I talked to him on the phone, seems like a nice guy, ready to retire and wants a little boat at his lake house. I have cash in hand and no way that I am aware for the bank to charge it back to me, so I guess it is sold. I got the full asking price by the way. Send me your mailing address and I will send you a little thank you.
    Thanks for providing such a wonderful service to all of us sailors. I actually go to your site everyday, just to look at boats. It is a great reference when shopping for a boat and you run accross a boat you have never heard of before. If there aren't any pictures on your site, it is a rare boat indeed!!
    Again Thanks
    La Grange, Texas

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    Video of this boat, 2008 Texas 200, 7.7MB
    Bolger Bobcat sailboat

    Click for Video of Bolger Bobcat sailboat

    Bolger Bobcat sailboat

    Bolger Bobcat sailboat

    Bolger Bobcat sailboat

    Bolger Bobcat sailboat

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