Bolger Micro 16, 2007, Long Lake, New York, $6,200, price reduced 8/10/09 to $5,390, ad expired

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2007 Bolger Micro 16

  • Bolger-designed Micro
  • trailerable shallow-water cruising sailboat, box-type cat yawl
  • length 15' 4"
  • beam 6'
  • draft 12" with outside ballast keel (no intrusion into full-width cabin).
  • Hull made 2002, keel and rig applied 2007
  • Spacious cabin for two
  • spacious cockpit for more
  • With excellent new sails

    Honda 8 hp


    Would love to deliver it to a buyer in the US Virgin Islands at $5000 plus shipping.

    Note from 8/10/09:
    I am very cool about selling this great boat at this price, but there seems to be a market limitation for Micros despite their excellence. I just sailed this thing across Lake Ontario from Henderson Harbor, NY, to Kingston, ON, and then down the St. Lawrence to Clayton, NY. On that latter run I overtook and passed a 38 foot Toronto yawl. Micro does better than she should, better than anybody would expect.

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    Bolger Micro 16 sailboat

    Bolger Micro 16 sailboat

    Bolger Micro 16 sailboat

    Bolger Micro 16 sailboat

    Bolger Micro 16 sailboat

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