1999 Bolger Micro 16, Houston, Texas, $500, Sold 6/30/04

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1999 Bolger Micro 16

  • Very tough little boat, designed for coastal cruising. Has a shoal keel for self righting.
  • The boat was just painted all white, so all of the sailing gear was taken off. A new mast was being made, it is all laminated up but hasn't been tapered yet.

    Within hours of you listing my boat for sale, I started to get calls and emails. Wow, you really do have a lot of visitors to your site! Was able to sell the boat the same day, have even received a paypal to secure the deal. Thanks a bunch for listing it for me David, and I love all the other parts of your website too!

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    1999 Bolger Micro 16 sailboat

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