1981 Bruce Roberts 43' Steel Ketch, Hollywood, Florida, $18,050, Price reduced 1/10/06 to $13,167, sold 2/8/06

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1981 Bruce Roberts 43' Steel Ketch

  • Sleeps 8
  • 2 heads
  • galley
  • a/c
  • hot water heater
  • SS water tanks
  • lots of extras
  • Needs TLC

    The vessel was finished in 1981. It has been dry-docked since August of 1995. The company I was working for sent me overseas to work for one year and nine months, then I had a heart attack and could not work on the boat any more. That is why it has been dry-docked for so long.

    Exterior Details:

  • The hull is sound, except for two small areas that need a 1' x 1' doubler to be welded on.
  • The hull needs paint. It was last painted in 1992 (both above & below the water line).
  • An aft locker on deck that holds the propane tanks and needs a new lid.
  • The diesel engine is a 4-cylinder Perkins 107. The transmission has a reduction of 2:1. It has not been run since it was dry docked, so it is hard to say what the condition it is in at this time. At the very least you will need to remove the cover, free the pistons and do an overhaul.
  • The sail are original and in my estimation they need be replaced.
  • There is a dual electrical wiring system, 110v when at the dock and 12v DC at sea. All lights have a 12 v and 110 v bulbs.
  • In regard to the electronics, there is a Loran-C (circa 1981) and a color depth sounder (circa 1995).
  • The water systems, waste systems and A/C were working fine before the boat was dry-docked in 1995, but have not been tested since.
  • There is a water pressure system that is connected to 2 stainless steel water tanks, sized 1'5'' x 2' x 6' each (I don't know how many gallons they hold).
  • The boat has a long keel with a draft of 6' and a 12' beam.
  • There is no generator aboard. There are two diesel tanks, one on each side of the engine room.
  • The rigging is as follows; aluminum mast with stainless steel cables 7/8" and 3/8" with stainless steel turnbuckles.

    Interior Layout:

  • The dining table seats 6 persons and can be used as another double bed as well.
  • On the stbd. side of the main cabin there is a sofa, and a small galley.
  • In the aft compartment, there is a double bed with a head with shower on the stbd side.
  • On top of the diesel tank on the port side is another bed. (amidships)
  • The interior needs thorough cleaning and refinishing work because of humidity and water damage. The interior was last done in 1994, but since then some of the wood has delaminated from the heat & humidity and needs replacement.
  • In the bow there is a double berth. On the port side there is a head with shower and on stbd. there is a closet.
  • There is a propane stove, but the refrigerator in the galley on stbd. stopped working and was removed. It used propane, 110v, and 12v.


  • Welding the two doublers will cost $900.00.
  • Replacing the shaft bushing and reinstalling the prop and rudder plus getting the motor overhauled has been priced at $2,300.00 plus parts.

    Mr. David my boat was sold on Feb 3 and I appreciate your help with your add and please Mr. David you can removed the add and thank you very much

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    1981 Bruce Roberts 43' Steel Ketch sailboat

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