Bullseye #460, 1969, Annapolis, Maryland, $5,989, sold 5/20/09

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1960 Bullseye #460

  • The Bullseye is an elegant day sailor. The Bullseye's hull is the same as the Herreshoff 12 1/2 design; the mast is a Marconi rig which handles stronger winds than the H 12 1/2's gaff rig. Full keel. Trailer-able. Great for 4 or 5 adults; or for beginning sailors, especially younger sailors. Single handles nicely, esp. when using a self-tending jib 'boom'. The full keel provides a steady, stable ride, yet the hull's excellent design offers responsiveness. Raced in fleets on the East Coast, esp. Florida and Massachusetts. A beautiful boat to sail and to be seen aboard!

  • Beam 5' 10"
  • LOA 15' 8.5"
  • Waterline length 12' 6.75"
  • Draft 2' 5"
  • Lead Keel weight 750 lbs.
  • Displacement 1,350 lbs.
  • Sail area 140 sq. ft.

    Bullseye #460 is sturdy, finely-crafted and well-maintained boat, made by Cape Cod Shipbuilding in 1960. Completely rehab'ed in 2004: painted deck, topsides and cockpit; brightwork done on teak seats/coamings/trim/lazerette-door/tiller; installed new teak toe rails; new halyards; polished the mast; reset cleats and jib guides with new backings; and installed lights on starboard/port/stern for night sailing. Hull painted in 2008. Mast and boom - excellent condition. Main, jib and genoa good condition. Original motor-mount on transom is removable.

    Trailer is sold separately.

    My Bullseye #460 sold last week. An old minister, about to retire, had been watching its' for sale ad on the Bullseye Assoc. website. He got a good buy! I shaved just $200 off asking price. He'll care for the boat as well as I could. So, I'm happy.
    Thanks for all your help. I send to Sailing Texas everyone who asks about websites for boats for sale.
    Annapolis, Maryland

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    Bullseye sailboat

    Bullseye sailboat

    Bullseye sailboat

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