1973 Butterfly, Colleyville, Texas, asking $200, sold 7/25/05

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1973 Butterfly

  • Barnett Butterfly that needs work and a loving home. This would be a great family project, which is what we intended but now with a new baby on the way, it has not happened.


  • Length............12ft 2in
  • Beam...................54in
  • Sail Area.........75sq ft
  • Hull Weight.....137 lbs
  • Crew Capacity.......1-3

    This top quality scow design from Barnett is a top performing, versatile boat. With a deep cockpit, it affords more comfort than the average small sailing boat. Light enough to be launched, rigged and sailed by one person. Large enough to sail with the family. Fast enough for competition. The mast separates into two sections for easy transport. The boat is not in great condition. The sail is there. There is no trailer.

    Hello David
    I hope this email finds you well.
    I wanted to let you know that we sold the boat the weekend! Thank you so much for your help and service.
    Thank you

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    1973 Butterfly sailboat

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