Butterfly, pre 1973, Salado, Texas, $777, price reduced 11/13/07 to $700, sold 12/12/07

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pre 1973 Butterfly

  • This little Butterfly is an older boat, but is in remarkably good condition. The hull is sound, sail is in very good condition, running rigging in excellent condition, spars and standing rigging in very good condition also; as are both foils.
  • Upgraded to Harken blocks & a Holt Allen Smart Ratchet
  • Has been kept in a shed during my watch and comes with a near new cover.
  • A delightful boat to sail. Very stable and easy and not exactly fast, but fun. [We keep up with the Sunfish around here?]
  • Trailer is in very good condition also and comes with it.
  • Specifications:
  • Length 12'2"
  • Beam 5'4"
  • Hull weight 135 pounds
  • Crew Capacity 600 pounds
  • Sail Area 75 ft. sq.
  • Has rotating mast

    Hi David;
    Butterfly E has sold and now resides in bayview TX
    Salado, Texas

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