Cape Cod Frosty

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Cape Cod Frosty The Frosty was designed in 1984 by Tom Leach, and there are many fleets in the US and Canada. Only 6'4" long and can be carried by one hand, the Frosty is just the boat to have when no boat ramp is available. Many fleets across the US and Canada race Frostys regularly.

Maximum dimensions:

  • Length over-all 76" +/-1"
  • TOT to ROS 42 1/2" +/-1/2"
  • TOT to DB20 46" +/-2"
  • TOR to ROS 55 1/4" +/-1"
  • TOR to level of deck 29 1/2" +/-1/2"
  • Bow to center of mast hole 10 1/2" +/-1/4"
  • Side deck 3 1/2" min.
  • Fantail length 12" min.

    The Cape Cod Frosty is built from two 4'x8' sheets of 1/4" plywood using the "stitch and glue" method of construction. A minimum of tools and wood working skills are needed to build a decent boat.

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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    Cape Cod Frosty video from New Hampshire, sailing on Jan 4, 2009

    Cape Cod Frosty sailboat

    Cape Cod Frosty sailboat

    Cape Cod Frosty sailboat

    Cape Cod Frosty sailboat

    Cape Cod Frosty sailboat

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