Cape Cod Mercury, 1966, Denver, Colorado, $1,800, sold 8/11/07

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1966 Cape Cod Mercury

  • 15' centerboard sloop and trailer

    This Cape Cod Mercury 15' sailboat (Sloop), 1966, sail number 859 is in good to excellent condition with bronze fittings. Standing rigging and Dacron sails are in good to excellent condition. Running rigging in fair condition; is useable as-is.

    This Cape Cod Mercury sailboat can sail away, as-is. This boat sailed recently on 6/24/2007.

    I would suggest that the following items be replaced or refinished: wood at the base of centerboard trunk, tiller and stern mount for motor needs refinishing, 1 horn cleat for the outhaul should be replaced, two blocks - part of the mainsheet system should be replaced. All running rigging should be replaced.

    The Cape Cod Mercury sailboat is a stable 15' classic Sparkman and Stephens designed centerboard sloop that hold up to 4 adults. It is an excellent sturdy day sailor. This boat is very dry, does not take-on water.

    Purchasing a sailboat or trailer from Community Sailing of Colorado will support Community Sailing's youth sailing programs at Cherry Creek State Park and Standley Lake Regional Park and will enable Community Sailing to replace older sailboats and maintain an up-to-date fleet.

    Hi David,
    Sold the Mercury for $1800, customer came from your web. Havenít heard from you regarding your trip to Colorado. When do you get into town. Next week is our final week. Most kids are heading back to school.
    Denver, Colorado

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    Cape Cod Mercury

    Cape Cod Mercury

    Cape Cod Mercury

    Cape Cod Mercury

    Cape Cod Mercury

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