Capri 25, 1982, Norfolk, Virginia, $13,000, sold 5/21/07

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1985 Capri 25 "Spectre" Hull Number 218

  • When is a 25 year old sailboat not a 25 year old sailboat? When it is stored for 15 years! Spectre was raced extensively from 1982-1985, then used much less from 1985-1991. In 1991 it was placed in land storage, and remained there until 2006, when I finally launched it again. Alas, now with a wife and child, I was given the option of a larger boat or alimony (bigger boat will be cheaper), thus my loss is potentially your gain!

    I reviewed lots of boats (both to buy and for comparison) before I picked this price. Seven year old Colgate 26s are going for $24,000, with old sales and no trailer. 15 year old B Boats are going for about the same. J24s are all over the map, but the ones in decent shape are significantly higher than what I am asking here.

    Spectre is in Bristol condition. Rigging, hull, and spars are like new (they should be - they havenít been used)! No chips, no delamination, no blisters. I also put over $5,000 in new cushions, Elliot-Pattison radial spinnaker, instruments, motor mount, halyards, teak work and other associated hardware.

    The trailer, a Sail-N-Trail, was purchased new for $4000 late in 2005, and has only 200 miles on it.

    I have a detailed flyer that includes boat history, several photos, and a complete inventory.

    Hi David
    I meant to email you, but was overseas for a couple of weeks. I sold the boat for about 90% of my asking price.
    As feedback, I only advertised in free spots, and 100% of the hits I got came from you site...so thank you. I wa asking $13K for the boat and trailer, and a number of people thought the price was too high compared to the other Capris...however, I held out, and a gent from Washington State (I live in VA) flew out, took one look at it, and three days later offered me about 80% of my asking...I countered, and we completed the transaction. this guy is paying a moving company about $1700 to moe the boat on the trailer from Norfolk to Spokane, WA, about 2500 miles.
    Norfolk, Virginia

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    Capri 25

    Capri 25

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