Catalina Expo 14.2, 2007, The Sailboat Shop, Austin, Texas, $5,360, ad expired

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2007 Catalina Expo 14.2

  • The Expo is one of the easiest boats to rig, maybe the easiest. Unlike the sloop rig 14.2, the Expo 14.2 has only one sail, a carbon fiber mast with no stays, and a self standing boom. Not only easy to rig, but the mainsail is also roller furling!
  • Forward storage has plenty of room for the included ice chest much more.
  • Centerboard and kick up rudder make it easy to beach.
  • no exposed wood to care for, except for the tiller.


  • LOA 15'2"
  • Length of hull 14'2"
  • Length at waterline 13'3"
  • Beam 6'2"
  • Draft board up 0'4", down 3'6"
  • Weight 340 lb
  • Sail area 104 sq ft

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    Catalina Expo 14.2

    Catalina Expo 14.2

    Catalina Expo 14.2

    Catalina Expo 14.2

    Catalina Expo 14.2

    Catalina Expo 14.2

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