1977 Celebrity 20, Urbana, Ohio, asking $4,000, price reduced 9/18/05 to $3,257, ad expired

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1977 Celebrity 20

  • O.A. Length 19'9"
  • W.L. Length 15'9"
  • Beam 6'4"
  • Draft Centerboard Up 10"
  • Draft Centerboard Down39" -3'3"
  • Cockpit Length 8'2"
  • Mast, from Deck 25'
  • Weight 800lb
  • Sail Area Approx. (jib and main) 172 sq.ft.

    I bought this 77 Celebrity for the love of the class. I have restored all wood trim etc. She comes with a working jib and mainsail in good condition, the mainsail has been patched by a previous owner. My goal is to start a Western Central Ohio Celebrity fleet for fun and racing. Therefore, I will only sell this boat within a 125 mile radius or so from where I live (Urbana, Ohio). You may learn more of this classic sailboat at the ICCYRA web site, www.celebrityclass.org. In the forums of this site you can see the work I put into this boat. Currently I'm asking $3800.00 but willing to talk, especially if you are within my area. Motor is not included.

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    1977 Celebrity 20 sailboat

    1977 Celebrity 20 sailboat

    1977 Celebrity 20 sailboat

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