Chrysler 22, 1978, Lubbock, Texas, $2,200, sold 6/14/09

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1978 Chrysler 22

  • 22 Ft. long
  • 7' 9" Beam
  • Swing Keel
  • Pop Top is a really nice feature
  • Full inventory of 5 sails
  • Clean with no damage -- hull is clean
  • Great Day Sailor
  • Centered outboard mount -- motor not included

    Weighs 3,000 lbs on good trailer with new tires and fresh packed wheel bearings

    Transport to your marina is available.

    Hi! I sold my "Chrysler 22 #102". Thanks...the ad got lots of response and I got full price!
    Lubbock, Texas

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    Chrysler 22 sailboat

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