Chrysler 22, 1976, Montgomery, Texas, $3,000, sold 1/19/07

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1976 Chrysler 22

  • This boat has been completely reworked, stem to stern to masthead and down below too.
  • It has 4 sails : Main & working jib (North) in exc. condition; 110 Genoa & 150 Genoa (?) in good condition.
  • With sail cover (OK) and cockpit tarps (OK)
  • 8 hp Nissan OB, very good condition, internal 18 gal fuel tank
  • deck plates
  • cabin bulkhead gad gauge
  • Engine recently tunded & serviced
  • Range under power: about 230 N.M.
  • All running lights, masthead lights in very good condition.
  • Foredeck & running lights on mast
  • Stern light custom SS
  • Rudder, post & assembly new: custom heavy SS w/ 2" stock Mahogany blade
  • Lifelines original & in good shape
  • keel cables new
  • Hull : topsides newly painted, bottom new in 2006 Petit ACP and no blistering or delamination whatsoever
  • Deck: original white & buff (no cracks or crazing) & no repairs required when refinishing
  • Cockpit: varnished mahogany floorboards & Lam. ash tiller.
  • Foamed in-place flotation behind hull liner
  • Swing-keel w/ winch behind companionway teak bulkhead
  • Stern: Custom built OB fixed bracket, tubular SS folding ladder (fixed)
  • Loran-C whip antenna
  • Cabin reworked & added to: all ash, mahogany & padouk woodwork
  • Custom built & varnished; all teak bulkheads & trimstrips oiled
  • Tabletop mounts in either dinette config or againest pot aft cabin bulkhead as nav station.
  • Cushions in cabin- Sunbrella, custom fit & sealed, med blue.
  • Cabin lights: 3, brass
  • Accessories: Autohelm autopilot, Depth sounder (in hull), bulkhead-mtd Icom VHF
  • bulkhead-mtd West Vector Loran-C (still operates & very dependable)
  • Magellan GPS hand-held
  • Dickenson Diesel Cabin SS fireplace w/ pressure tank (separated-mtd)
  • binoculars,

    Plus: anchors, lines, whisker pole, blkhd-mtd Sea-Swing stove (alum), alum folding radar reflector, brass barometer & clock, 1 meg searchlight, horns, Sunbrella hammock for cockpit, & all sorts of teak racks & shutter ventilation panels.

    Trailer: custom designed & built 2-axle heavy-duty, with planked center, a 10,000# capacity, all movable winch posts and side rails-fully adj. (can carry a 28' boat)

    I have more jpeg photos if you should want e-mail copies or have further questions. I've had this boat for 18 years and always kept it in Bristol-Fashion condition: it has never been wrecked, damaged or sunk. It is very sturdy, seaworthy & quick. Although it has been in fresh water for a total of 18 years & in salt water for some 12 years, there is no corrosion or evidence of delamination, etc. anywhere above or below the waterline.

    the boat is already sold, i think... paul in arizona agrees to buy it and will be here sat afternoon with daughter to pay cash, on the sternrail.
    i find it uncomfortable to consider that you do this for truly-free. so, i want to provide a smaller-than-tithe for the mailer-daemon. to whom & where should i send this offering?
    please do respond
    thanks very much
    Montgomery, Texas

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    Chrysler 22

    Chrysler 22

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