Clipper Marine 21, 1971, Placerville, California, $1,275, ad expired

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1971 Clipper Marine 21

  • Description:
  • Boat is ready to sail, has nice lines, is a great boat to sail and comfortable to sail on.
  • tags 2009, trailer PTI, have pink slip.
  • Hull integrity is excellent,
  • Jib and Main sail in good condition, except need new stays and "tell tales".
  • Mast, boom and standing rigging in good condition and ready to sail. Main and Jib sheets are useable but are starting to feel brittle.
  • Have two anchors, bumpers, main sail cover, and various odds and ends.
  • White gel coat is weathered, some areas have "micro" cracks, that are visible up close. Green portions of the hull clean up real nice with little weathering.
  • 480lb iron swing keel works with stainless cable.
  • Rudder is aftermarket fiberglass and aluminum with oak tiller.
  • exterior wood,(tiller and grab handles) need refinishing.
  • there are lights on boat and mast, but I have never tried them out or installed a battery.
  • Boat weighs ~1400-1500lbs.
  • Interior in need of some repair and paint. Cushion are in good repair except for a few broken zippers. Has running lights, switches, fuses, etc, though I have never tested. Windows need to have new seals.
  • Trailer is in good condition. Some chips and very slight surface rust. Lights work, there are no brakes. Hubs have grease fitting. Tires only have 300 miles on them. Bunks replaced with solid heart redwood 2 yrs ago.
  • No motor, but has a motor well and place for fuel can.

    Obviously it will take some effort and $$ to put it in top cosmetic condition, but it sails great is 100% functional as it is.

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    Clipper Marine 21

    Clipper Marine 21

    Clipper Marine 21

    Clipper Marine 21

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