ComPac 16, 1978, Taylors Falls, Minnesota, $2,000, sold 9/2/08

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1978 ComPac 16

  • 1600 lbs.
  • LOA : 16ft
  • Length at waterline: 14ft
  • Beam: 6ft
  • Draft: 1 ft 6 inches
  • Displacement: 1,100 lbs
  • Ballast: 450lbs
  • Mast Height above waterline: 21 ft
  • The interior and the exterior have been power sprayed and the flaking antifouling paint removed. The interior is nothing exceptional. It needs painting.
  • There are 2 brass snake lights and a nice control panel so it is wired for 12 volt.
  • There is a oak insert for the battery to sit on in the back box.
  • The mast, boom, cables and lines (sheets and halyards) are all brand spanking new. The mast and boom are to manufacturers specs. The lines are stayset. The sails are in good shape and has a main, jib and a genoa.
  • It has a shoreline extended trailer
  • It has a motor mount.
  • The blocks are all Schafer and Harken microblocks


  • A bone head (not me) cut the opening into the mast with a screwdriver and force. It is totally functional but it is ugly.
  • No cushions for the cockpit or the cuddy
  • Needs paint inside and out.

    Thanks for letting me know. You can mark the boat sold. Just took care of that today. I also wanted to let you know that I recommend your site to everyone, buyers and sellers.
    Thanks a lot,
    Taylor Falls, Minnesota

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    ComPac 16

    ComPac 16

    ComPac 16

    ComPac 16

    ComPac 16

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