ComPac 19, 1988, Lake Livingston, Texas, $4,500, sold 4/16/08

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1988 ComPac 19

  • In Great Shape
  • Bottom is very clean (Lift and trailer kept, the boat has never sat in the water longer than one weekend)
  • My Grandfather painted the bottom green (it is not bottom paint)
  • Two sets of sails (I believe a storm and 100% main as well as 100% and 160% jib)
  • Johnson or Evinrude OB 3-5 hp (my grandfather isn't sure, but it is plenty to get this little boat around the docks)
  • The boat has been in the water 2 times in the last 5 years
  • Trailer included

    He is unable to operate the boat alone, so if you are interested in a test run of the boat I will have to schedule a weekend where I will be able to drive to Livingston.

    This is my grandfather’s boat; he bought it about two years ago so the grandkids would have something to do out on the lake while we visited him.

    All offers will be considered

    The Compaq 19 is sold, the buyer sent; and we have received a check. The boat is headed to New Mexico and will be picking it up next week.
    My grandfather couldn't believe how fast it sold, Sailing Texas is a great website.
    We thank all of you for your interest,
    Lake Livingston, Texas

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    ComPac 19

    ComPac 19

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