3/4/06, 1974 MFG Copperhead 14, Tucson, Arizona, $750, sold 3/16/06

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1974 MFG Copperhead 14

  • Catboat, gunter rig w/sleeve sail.
  • Fiberglass and sail in good condition.
  • Homemade centerboard (painted plywood) and some parts for homemade rudder, (tiller/ extension/blade-build another or buy one).
  • Self-bailer leaks a bit, taped it shut on the hull, kept dry.
  • Upper spar not original, pipe clamp words great as spar pin.
  • Great boat to learn on (taught myself on it), easy/fast sailing, low tech, easy set up.
  • Great for urban lakes.
  • 1976 Tilt trailer, clear title, perm AZ plates, new tires/wheels/spare last summer.

    David, the Copperhead 14 in Tucson has sold. Want to thank you for your website and the listing services. I discovered sailing at the age of 50 last year, and Sailing Texas has been a great source of information, particularly the Sailboat Photo Gallery.
    Tucson, Arizona

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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    1974 MFG Copperhead 14 sailboat

    1974 MFG Copperhead 14 sailboat

    1974 MFG Copperhead 14 sailboat

    1974 MFG Copperhead 14 sailboat

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