Dolphin Sr, pre-1973, Grapevine, Texas, $950, sold 7/29/09

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Dolphin Sr

  • My dad bought this sailboat for our family several years ago and we had tons of fun on it for many years. It was kept outside and some of the paint was chipping and peeling, so I started working on it to take the paint off and repaint it. The bottom of the boat is fine, just the top needed repainting. In the middle of this project I found out that I am pregnant... (YAY! :)) and my doctor firmly grounded me from using paint remover solvents, sanding old paint, and/or painting with the new paint.

    I am also including with the boat the paint for it - I bought white and blue the same color that the boat was.

    The sail, daggerboard, rudder, everything is in great shape -- just needs the paint job finished on the top.

    The trailer has a fresh coat of paint on it, and we installed lights that work great, and brand new tires. The trailer does not have current tags.

    Hi David,
    I was able to sell the sailboat thanks to your website!! Thanks so much!! :)
    Grapevine, Texas

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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    Dolphin Sr sailboat

    Dolphin Sr sailboat

    Dolphin Sr sailboat

    Dolphin Sr sailboat

    Dolphin Sr sailboat

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