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Edey & Duff Dovekie 21, 1981, Gulf Breeze, Florida, $4,200, SOLD 6/12/10

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Edey & Duff Dovekie 21, 1981

  • LOA: 21'5"
  • LWL: 19"
  • Beam: 6'8"
  • Draft: Minimum: 4"
  • Maximum: 2'6"

    Sail Area: 143 square feet

    Empty Weight: 600 pounds

  • Sprit Rig
  • Spruce Spars
  • Tanbark Sail
  • Leeboards
  • Forward Centerboard
  • Oars
  • Yuloh (for sculling)
  • Cockpit covers
  • Porta Potty
  • Motor mount

    The Dovekie 21 is one of the best camp cruisers ever made. With boards up, the boat draws only 4 inches of water and can go almost anywhere. It can be rowed at 2-3 knots, sculled utilizing the yuloh or can be powered by a small gas or electric motor. Weighing in at only 600 pounds, the Dovekie can be towed by almost any small vehicle and easily launched single handedly.

    Trailer included.

    Thank you for the great responses we got for the boat. Please let me know how I can send the donation.

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    Edey & Duff Dovekie 21, 1981 sailboat

    Edey & Duff Dovekie 21, 1981 sailboat

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