1987 Dovekie 21, High Point, North Carolina, $2,700, sold 10/26/05

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1987 Dovekie 21

  • Unique Dovkie Sailboat by Edey and Duff for sale. This Shoal Draft boat has the ability to sale with an incredible 4 draft! With the flat bottom and no dead rise you can practically sail on a heavy dew! One of the characteristic hallmarks are the lee boards, which can be raised in shallow water. It is light, easily to trailer and is able to be launched single-handedly. This 21 foot sailboat is a beauty!
  • It was built in 1987 in MA by Edey and Duff, enjoyed for several years on the Chesapeake Bay, and has spent the last few years in VA.
  • Price includes boat, trailer, 2 sets of sails and manuals.

    David...this boat is SOLD!! My wife and I are in amazement; first at the speed in which you had the ad up and going, it couldn't have been more than a couple of hours after I emailed you, and secondly we are amazed at how fast it sold (within a day)! Thanks so much for your service. You are a gentleman and a scholar!
    High Point, North Carolina

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    1987 Dovekie 21 sailboat

    1987 Dovekie 21 sailboat

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