Easy Rider Eskimo 17, 2004, LaGrange, Georgia, $4,500, price reduced 7/26/07 to $2,500, sold 8/28/07

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2004 Easy Rider Eskimo 17 CRX 3G High Volume sailing kayak

  • I am the original owner and the boat is two years old. Unfortunately I have only used it one time as I have a sailboat, and other toys. It is a shame to allow this boat to stay idle.

    Price breakdown is as follows

  • boat: $3,100.00
  • Trampoline: $250.00
  • Leeboard Large with hub: $250.00
  • Airfoil Preparation X 2 $600.00
  • 3G Outrigger preparation done at factory: $150.00
  • Spinnaker prep at factory installed: $100.00 (includes mast base and deck hardware)
  • Rod holder: $19.00 (fits into mast base)
  • Instant outrigger system: (don't have price)
  • High Volume outrigger with poles: (I'm guessing on the low side at $600.00)

    I will consider trading for a Sea Pearl 21, Beetle Cat, any cat boat in good shape. I would also consider a tpartial rade for a Laser or small O'Day. I also have a Venture 21 for sale on this site.

    Sold the boat thank you for the assistance.
    LaGrange, Georgia

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    Easy Rider Eskimo 17

    Easy Rider Eskimo 17

    Easy Rider Eskimo 17

    Easy Rider Eskimo 17

    Easy Rider Eskimo 17

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