Escape Captiva, 2000, Ft. Worth, Texas, $1,250, price reduced 6/8/07 to $1,100, sold 6/18/07

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2000 Escape Captiva

  • Escape Captiva is 11.5 ft long, 4.5 ft wide.

    Ready to go!!

    This boat is in excellent condition and great for learning.

    Trailer is available for an additional $300

    One look at this boat's screaming yellow plastic hull in the water gives a feeling of security you've never known aboard a dinghy. The bow is V-shaped, the hull flattens toward the stern, giving the boat 3x greater resistance to tipping and amazing stability under sail. SmartRig makes it easy to depower by rolling the mainsail in like a window shade so you can reduce the sail area when the wind is too much. The Captiva sailboat features a pivoting centerboard and rudder to eliminate shallow water concerns. Sail your Captiva right onto the beach with no worries. The Escape Captiva carries up to three adults, or a couple and some kids.

    The Escape is SOLD.
    Thank You for your help - I will send a contribution for the cause.
    See you at Austin,
    Ft. Worth, Texas

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    Escape Captiva

    Escape Captiva

    Escape Captiva

    Escape Captiva

    Escape Captiva

    Escape Captiva

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