4/8/06, 2001 Escape Play Cat, Salado, central Texas, $1,500, sold 6/5/06

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2001 Escape Play Cat

  • This fine catamaran is designed by Morelli & Melvin of racing catamaran fame.
  • Length is 16 feet 9 inches;
  • Width is 7 feet;
  • Draft is 1 foot;
  • Sail area is 125 square feet
  • Weight is 230 pounds
  • Max capacity is 750 pounds


  • Polyethylene hull construction provides years of fun and reliance
  • Protected inboard rudders for worry-free beach launching and landing
  • Canted hulls offer increased stability and performance
  • Hull Designed by Americas cup sail boat designers
  • Extremely user-friendly layout with only two control lines!
  • Continuous and spacious trampoline with snag-free construction
  • Fully-battened boom-less sail plan for solo or group thrills
  • Two-piece, rotating mast and internal halyard

    The hulls are roto-molded so it is virtually indestructable. You can run this vessel right up the ramp with no wories. [I've never treated it that harshly, however.] Cat has been sailed very little and is almost like new. Sail is in perfect condition. Is on a very good galvanized trailer with new tires and wheels. the cat with it's uni-rig is very fast and fun and easy to sail. Named her Honky Tonk 'Cause the tramp is so big it's like a dance floor. Almost a lazy man's cat . . . . no jib, no daggerboards, no kickup rudders, no worries, mate. A full descripion can be foud on Morelli & Melvin's webpage at https://www.morrellimelvin.com/sailboats/racing/016-EscapeCat.html

    David this boat is sold

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    2001 Escape Play Cat

    2001 Escape Play Cat

    2001 Escape Play Cat

    2001 Escape Play Cat

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