Escape Playcat, 2001, Orlando, Florida, $2,300, ad expired

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2001 Escape Playcat

  • It comes with good trailer and a brand new, never been used, mylar sail. As well as the original sail, that is in great condition.

    The Playcat is the perfect boat for family outings at the lake or beach. It can comfortably be sailed with 3 adults or 2 adult and 2 teens. Has durable roto-molded hulls like the Hobie Getaway. The shallow rudders allow it to be completely beached. The slick mylar sail is boomless and see through. Search this site and read all the praises for the Playcat.

    My boat is in great shape, ready to hook up to the car and go sailing.

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    Escape Playcat

    Escape Playcat

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