Escape Solsa, 2001, Rochester, Michigan, $575, sold 6/7/09

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2001 Escape Solsa

  • Never used, has been stored in garage for about 7 years.
  • Very easy to learn to sail.
  • Boat is made out of molded polyvinyl so it is basically maintenance free.
  • Will fit in a van. It is cartoppable too.
  • Mast is a two piece aluminum job.
  • Sail is about 6 meters squared.
  • It holds an adult and a couple children.
  • Wooden rudder, tiller and daggerboard

    While in storage the top 4 " of mast somehow got crushed it does not seem to have an affect .

    Hi David,
    My sailboat has been sold. Thank you for allowing me to use your website it was a great tool.
    Rochester, Michigan

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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    Escape Solsa sailboat

    Escape Solsa sailboat

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