Finn, 1995, Tampa, Florida, $6,000, sold 5/29/07

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1995 Lemieux Finn

  • Good condition with a repair (professionally done) near the bow.
  • The boat was campaigned in 1996 and 2004.
  • New mainsheet block with swivel Cam Base Cleat.
  • Rudder should probably be replaced (has chipping) but can be used for training/learning.
  • Lattini carbon Wing Mast (2001 Gold Cup mast) w/ cover.

    The previous owner said the mast/sails were rated for someone in the 95 kg (209 lb) range.

  • 5 mainsails
  • 2 Trainers
  • 3 Regatta Sails (very good conditon) - 1 quantum, 2 North Sail HV1/HV2
  • Road Ready Trailer
  • Spootride Beach Dolly
  • Boat Top Cover

    The boat is ready to go and ready to sail.

    The Finn and Johnson 18. They both have been sold.
    Thank you for your help.
    Tampa, Florida

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