Flying Dutchman, 1963, New Carlisle, Ohio, $1,900, sold 8/3/08

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1963 Flying Dutchman

  • Flying Dutchman (Olympic class from 1960 - 1992) Sail Number - US-682, 1963 Mader epoxy boat. Very good condition. No modifications. Includes trailer, vintage spars and sails. Boat was stored away in 2001-2002. No race history recorded in Trapeze newsletters from the 60's & 70's. (available with boat) Only needs new centerboard (included) fitted to go sailing. Racers will probably want to upgrade systems.
  • LOA 19'10"
  • Beam 5'8"
  • Weight 364 lbs
  • SA Main 110 sq ft
  • SA Genoa 90 sq ft
  • SA Spin. 226 sq ft

    Please remove the ad for the Flying Dutchman from the active lists. The boat has been sold to a gentleman who saw our ad on Sailing Anarchy.
    Thank you for your assistance. Iíll keep checking your site as I look for my next boat.
    New Carlisle, Ohio

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    Flying Dutchman

    Flying Dutchman

    Flying Dutchman

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