TWO Flying Dutchman, 1960's, Cleveland, Ohio, $1,400, sold 4/24/09

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1960's Flying Dutchman, #733 and #913

  • Two Flying Dutchmans (almost two of everything). They must sell together

    Advance hull #913 - considered the family variant of the boat in that it actually has seats (though they are very narrow). Still this boat is VERY fast.

  • Proctor Mast
  • Good practice sails: main, genoa, spinnaker. Sails are in OK condition - no rips but a little dirty.
  • Good blades
  • Very good condition, was restored and garage stored during winters.
  • Excellent trailer.

    Plastrends Hull #733

  • Proctor mast (missing the tabernacle at the bottom)
  • Centerboard is good but dirty. Dirt should sand right off.
  • Hull in good condition, though both bailers needs replaced.
  • Very clean Practice main and a jib

    Still an active Flying Dutchman Fleet all over the United States. This is a very complex boat, however and not for a beginner. This boat is usually the fastest conventional boat on the water, even by today's standards. These two boats were basically combined into one, but most of the fittings are Harken. Either boat can become a complete Flying Dutchman as all the important parts are there and many extras. Both hulls are in good shape, no dents or holes. I have sailed both of them as a complete FD. The Advance hull is currently the completed Flying Dutchman. It will require a reworking of the CB gasket which is very easy to do.

  • LOA 19'10"
  • Beam 5'8"
  • Weight 364 lbs
  • SA Main 110 sq ft
  • SA Genoa 90 sq ft
  • SA Spin. 226 sq ft

    Two trailers included.

  • Trailer is still fair and seems road-worthy as I have taken the boat to a car wash recently to clean it.

    Hi David
    Please de-list the 405 and the FD's
    BTW the FD's (or one of them) was sold through your site.
    Cleveland, Ohio

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    Flying Dutchman sailboat

    Flying Dutchman sailboat

    Flying Dutchman sailboat

    Flying Dutchman sailboat

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