Force 5, 1984, Galveston, Texas, $750, sold 6/27/08

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1984 Force 5

  • 13' 10" Length
  • 4' 10" Beam
  • 3' 2" Depth
  • 145 lbs
  • 91 square feet sail area.

    This boat is very similar to a Laser, but with an adjustable traveler, so you get more control, and it's more like sailing a big boat. The Force 5 has hard chines (angles in the back) so it's more stable than the Laser, and won't go into the infamous "Laser death-roll" downwind. It has a larger cockpit than the Laser, so two people can comfortably sail it, although it's designed to be a single-hander. The hull has the normal cosmetic flaws one would expect on a used dinghy, but the fiberglass is still very strong and very stiff, with no soft spots.

    The sail is a rainbow of funky colors, but in spite of that, it is in top condition. The sail is not original to the boat (the guy I bought it from said that he ordered it 5 years ago), but it was made by North Sails, and is thus class legal.

    The trailer is kind of rusty, but it's still solid, and perfectly capable of towing the boat across Texas (I took it back home with me to Fort Worth during school breaks). It has very good bearings (with the bearing buddy system), and I will include a spare tire. I had the trailer lights replaced a year ago, and the trailer partially rewired. The trailer has current Texas registration (renewed in April).

    Howdy David!
    My boat has been sold. Thank you.
    Galveston, Texas

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    Force 5

    Force 5

    Force 5

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