Force 5, 1976, southern New Jersey, $1,300, sold 7/27/07

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1976 Force 5

  • trailer included
  • The Fiberglass is in fairly good condition and cleans up really nice.
  • The sail is in great shape and comes with a storage bag where it has been stored indoors and out of the weather. It also has a professionally installed zipper the length of it like the newer sails that are now available for easier installation on it 20' high mast.
  • All of its wood items including the rudder and center board are in good condition and were also stored indoors when not in use.
  • The boat has only been used mainly in private lakes in Southern New Jersey.

    Included are a few nice extras: 1-new hands free Tillerman & 1-new wind directional Little Hawk which have never been used or installed.

    Please to avoid any scams I will _only deal in cash_ sorry for the inconvenience.

    Please remove my sailboat from your for sale ads. I am sorry but I misplaced my directions as to how to go about removing an ad. I was the owner of the 1976 Force 5 located in southern New Jersey selling for $1300.
    I appreciate the help and yes my boat sold from what I believe was your listing the person that bought it was unsure.
    Thanks for the help and sorry for any inconvenience I may have caused.
    Southern New Jersey

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    Force 5

    Force 5

    Force 5

    Force 5

    Force 5

    Force 5

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