Force 5, 1986, Springfield, Illinois, $1,650, price reduced 7/10/07 to $1,400, sold 10/15/07

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1986 AMF Force 5

  • This Force 5 is in good overall condition.
  • The mast sections and boom are in excellent condition.
  • The daggerboard and rudder are in great shape.
  • The sail is still crisp, has no rips and very few stains, and has many years of life left.
  • All the rigging and hardware are in good shape.
  • The hull still retains a shiny gelcoat, but has had a few fiberglass repairs. The hull is still structurally stiff, dry, and fast.
  • The woodwork was recently re-varnished and in good condition.
  • The trailer has very little rust and the bearings were just repacked in April. The wiring on the trailer though malfunctions and probably needs replacing.
  • This sailboat was in storage for 5 years before I bought it.

    Thank you for your services. I am pleased to say I recently sold my boat and thought I sent you an e-mail telling you. I apologize if you didnít get it. My dad and I enjoy looking at all the boats for sale on the website. You really do a great service for all of us looking to sell or buy boats.
    Thanks again,
    Springfield, Illinois

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    Force 5

    Force 5

    Force 5

    Force 5

    Force 5

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