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Vintage Ghost 13, 1959, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, $700, Price reduced 6/1/11 to $350, Taken off market

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Ghost 13, 1959 with Original Parts and Trailer

  • LOA 13' 3"
  • Main & Jib 105 sq ft
  • D-PN 104.6
  • Draft 6 inches approx.
  • Centerboard - 2 standard and smaller racing
  • Crew 2 - 4

    Manufactured by Janus, Corp approximately 1959, this boat has all original parts. Hull number is 179 with sail number 180. Sails are original and in good condition. An original standard and a racing [smaller] centerboard are included.

    As you would expect for a 51 year old machine, while the structure is sound, the boat has some issues. Made of fiberglass, the blue deck gel-coat is crazing. An original design issue with the tiller handle fastening to the rudder has been fixed with a machine shop tiller fitting. A 2 piece rudder, there was a failure at the hinge joint. This has been repaired and reinforced with aluminum plates set into the rudder and re-glassed. Cracks in the bottom from a poor original design trailer support have been repaired with additional fiber glass.

    Required by impact with a car while on the trailer, the mast has had a section replaced. Using aircraft frame stitch welding techniques, the repair is stronger than the original. During the last sail of the boat, a mast side stay failed due to 'normal' 50 years of deterioration. All stays need to be replaced before use.

    There may be other minor issues. Otherwise, the boat runs fine and was in operation at the time of the failure.

    Included is a Ghost 13 instruction manual from High Performance Sailboats dated 1971.

    The trailer is original; Dilly manufacture. The original boat support has been replaced. The springs, spindles and bearings have been replaced. Bearing Buddy's are used. Wiring is good. Paint is 3 years old. Wheels are 8 inch with a spare included. Tires are OK with few miles; new 2003. I would not hesitate to take this unit on a 600 mile round trip.

    With some good TLC, this is an excellent unit able to provide many hours of enjoyment.

    Taken off market for upgrade.

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    Ghost 13, 1959 sailboat

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