Haines Hunter Tramp 20, 1982, Lake Travis, Austin, Texas, $10,500, price reduced 2/27/08 to $10,000, taken off the market 5/23/08

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1982 Haines Hunter Tramp 20, Australian

  • Designer: Ian Farrier
  • Length: 19'6"
  • Max. beam folded out: 14'9"
  • Beam folded in: 8'
  • Draft: 14"
  • Draft board down: 4'
  • Weight: 1400 lbs
  • Main sail area: 137 sq. ft.
  • Jib: 71 sq. ft.
  • Spinnaker: yes (included)
  • Genoa: yes (included)
  • Motor: 6 h.p. Evinrude
  • Trailer: yes, single axle with new tires
  • Original certificate of origin from Australia with manual included

    The Tramp was Ian Farrier's first design to go into production. Haines-Hunter, Australia's largest powerboat manufacturer began producing the Tramp in 1980. In 1981, it was named Australia's boat of the year.

  • Famous, now, for designing and building the much larger Corsair boats.
  • The Tramp is 19'6'' in overall length. The length on the water is at least 2' shorter as the bow is tapered inward much more than the F-boats. The beam is 14' wide extended and 8' when folded for trailering. Setup time from trailer to water is about 30 minutes. The mast is light enough to be raised by one.
  • The center cockpit design is similar to the F27. Four adults can sail comfortably in the large cockpit. The optional bimini will provide shade for most of the cockpit. Another option, a vinyl cabin enclosure (included), can expand the Tramp for camping.

    Here's what I like about this boat:

  • It's fast under any winds. Fastest that I�ve had this boat was 13.5 knots using GPS
  • It's fun to sail this stable trimaran in real sandy weather.
  • It easily folds up on the water to maneuver into any 9' slip. It easily unfolds on the water. Takes just a couple of minutes and one person can do it.
  • The trampolines are in great shape and provide sitting and stretching out space for those lazy days or for an added thrill on high windy days.
  • This boat is easy to tow.
  • Recent bottom job was done this spring using West Marine products

    This tri is sailed on most weekends on Lake Travis.

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    Hunter Tramp 20

    Hunter Tramp 20

    Hunter Tramp 20

    Hunter Tramp 20

    Hunter Tramp 20

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