1765 HMS Victory, Portsmouth, England

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HMS Victory Masts

HMS Victory from the stern, click to see inside the cabins.

HMS Victory in dry dock #2, high tide will float her

HMS Victory, her rudder has over 20 feet in the water

HMS Victory, her anchor required 140 men to raise

The HMS Victory is the most famous sailing warship of all time. Lord Nelson commanded her at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805 to defeat the combined French and Spanish fleet. We toured her in August of 2006 in Portsmouth, England, where she is in drydock #2. Some of these pictures will look a little ragged, because the Victory is SO large even standing back as far as I could she would not fit in my viewfinder. The first picture on the left is actually a composite of 4 photographs.

Some of the pictures are links to the inside of the ship.

Table of contents:

  • Inside the cabins
  • The anchors and how they were hoisted
  • The guns
  • The masts
  • The deck
  • The carpenter and cook

    The most interesting thing to me was that this 240+ year old ship is apparantly ready to go. Everything on boat appears shipshape, all the ropes, cannons, weapons, etc. look either new or in perfect condition. I have no doubt she could be launched and provisioned in a short time.

    Launched May 7, 1765

  • LOA 227 feet
  • Length on gun deck: 186 feet
  • Length of keel: 151 feet 3 inches
  • Bridge clearance: 220 feet
  • Beam 51 feet 10 inches
  • Depth 21 feet 6 inches
  • Sail area 4 acres
  • Cordage 27 miles
  • Timber used 2,000 oak trees
  • (38 tons of iron ballast added to the port side to stabilise trim)

    The dimensions are huge, the rudder is taller than my Flying Scot is long! The anchors are also rather large, everything on the ship was powered by human muscle and leverage. It required 140 men to raise an anchor.

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