1765 HMS Victory guns, Portsmouth, England

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The lower gun deck

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The HMS Victory carried 104 guns, this is the lower gun deck which housed the 32 pounder cannons, the largest guns on board. Weighing 3.5 tons these guns were operated by 6 men.

Alison could stand up throughout most of the gun decks, as she is 5'4" tall. I had to continuously bend over to walk about.

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The middle gundeck, with 24 pounders. The Victory is still part of the Royal Navy and maintained. Here's is a recent video of the Victory firing 52 of her guns. A broadside I would not want to receive.

The middle gundeck

Another view of the middle gundeck.

Leg irons

Leg irons were located between the guns on the gun decks.

another gun deck

The gundecks were also used for sleeping quarters and many other things. The upper gun deck held the 12 pounders.
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