1860 HMS Warrior, Portsmouth, England

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HMS Warrior

HMS Warrior from the stern, the propeller is in the raised position.

HMS Warrior, view from the harbor showing the starborad side.

HMS Warrior figurehead, carved from 3,000 pounds or 3 tons (depending on which source you find) of yellow pine.  Figureheads fell out of favor soon after the Warrior's time.

Large view of this poster, click here.

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The HMS Warrior was the first iron hull steam powered warship in the world. Launched in 1860, the Warrior was so powerful it never fired a shot in battle. While equipped with a huge engine, she was primarily a sailboat, and like modern day sailboats her sails were her major power source. The engines burned 11 tons of coal per hour, so the 850 tons of coal she could carry would only operate the engines for about 80 hours at full power.

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Table of contents

  • The deck
  • The guns on top deck
  • The guns on the gun deck
  • The anchors
  • The cabins

    The restoration of the HMS Warrior began in 1980, and she is now docked in Portsmouth, England.

    Launched 1860

  • Overall Length: 418 feet
  • Length Inside: 380 feet
  • Beam (Width): 58 feet
  • Completed Weight: 9,210 tons
  • Draught: 26 feet
  • Normal Maximum Speed: 13 knots under sail
  • 14.5 knots under steam
  • 17 knots under sail and steam
  • Main Armament: 26 muzzle-loading 68 pounders (31 kgs)
  • 10 breech-loading 110 pounders (50 kgs)
  • Cost including guns and coal: 390,000
  • Total complement: 705 men )

    The engine was only used to turn the propeller, and one small engine forward. The rest of the work was done by human power, even raising the anchors, at 5.6 tons the largest anchors ever operated manually. It took over 100 men to raise an anchor.

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