1860 HMS Warrior deck, Portsmouth, England

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The deck

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Looking back down the port side. The HMS Warrior carried several guns on deck, and a few boats. The Warrior didn't have a poop deck, but does have a small walkway running across the ship between the two smokestacks forward of the wheel.

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Sailboat Photo Gallery

main mast

The main mast had quite a few lines going aloft, all neatly coiled and ready for use.


I'm not sure what this was, perhaps a floating mine?

Stern deck

The stern deck with the stern deck gun which could be aimed.

Main and fore masts

Looking forward from ahead of the mizzen mast on the starboard side, showing the main and fore masts.

Starboard deck, looking sternward

Looking toward the stern down the starboard side.

The main steering wheel

The Warriors wheel is really a beauty, just forward of the mizzen mast. The girl in pink really enjoyed being at the helm, but I don't think she know she was facing backwards! Note the binnacle just forward of the wheel.

Binnacle and compass

The binnacle and compass.

Port deck

Looking forward from next to the mizzen mast, the port side.

Bow deck

The bow deck with main forward deck gun. See the deck guns page for more.


The bowsprit.
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