1860 HMS Warrior deck guns, Portsmouth, England

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The deck guns

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We found several guns on the top deck, the main bow and stern guns were the most interesting because they could be rotated and moved to various positions. This is the bow gun. Notice the brass rings on the floor used to support the gun mount.

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The bow gun guide tracks

The gun was mounted on a large carriage, which rested on these brass tracks attached to the deck. I'm standing in front of a small wheel, you can see the right one, so the gun could recoil without moving the carriage under it. I'm holding one of the handles to unscrew the breach. Of course one would not fire the gun in this position, as it would blow off the bowsprit, but it could be rotated to either side on this set of tracks. There are other tracks for even more possible fields of fire.

Main stern deck gun

The stern gun was another big gun, also mounted on tracks. Much faster to turn just the gun than the whole ship.

Stern deck gun tracks

The stern deck gun had these tracks to allow aiming to almost any angle.

Stern deck gun

Another view of the stern gun.

side deck gun

There were also a few side guns on deck like this one. Also breech loading but without the carraige and tracks.

Small deck gun

This small breech loader was also on deck.
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