1860 HMS Warrior guns, Portsmouth, England

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The main guns of the HMS Warrior

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The gun deck. The Warrior has only one inside gun deck, and here were massive guns indeed, 26 muzzle-loading 68 pounders and 10 breech-loading 110 pounders. These are the muzzle loaders, as you can tell by the line going through a hole at the end of the gun.

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110 pounder

A 110 pounder breech loading gun. Designed by W Armstrong in 1855 and weighing 4.1 tons, a gun crew of 18 men were needed to fire one round every 50 seconds. The rifled bore increased range and accuracy.

More 68 pounders

68 pounders, designed in 1846 by Colonel Dundas, each weighed 6 tons on its elm gun carriage. 18 men manned each gun and could fire one round every 55 seconds. Note the round cannonballs racked nearby for this unrifled bore gun.

110 pounder, rifles and swords

Side view of a 110 pounder. Note the rack of rifles and swords mounted on the wall behind it. These racks of guns and swords were found mounted around the ship.

110 pounder

Another view of a 110 pounder.

rifles and swords

Some racks held rifles and swords together.

Sword rack

Some racks held only rifles or only swords.

Pistol rack

This round rack held revolvers.

110 shells

We found rows of shells, which I think were for the rifled 110 pounders.

Pounder room

A powder room, with many powder charges ready to go.
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