1860 HMS Warrior anchors, Portsmouth, England

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Anchor of the HMS Warrior

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Each of the four anchors weighed 5.6 tons, the heaviest ever in maritime history to be operated manually. Over 100 men were required to raise an anchor.

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Hawser pipes

Hawser pipes led the anchor chains into the ship.

The anchor chain stop.

This massive lever, actuated by a block and tackle, pinched the anchor chain to hold it in place.

The capstans allowed raising the anchor.

I'm not sure how this was connected to the capstan in the picture below, you can see the chains going forward to the hawser holes.


Similar to the capstans on the Victory, but now made of iron instead of wood. The massive levers like the one I'm leaning on were operated by over 100 men to raise the anchors one at a time. I couldn't budge it by myself. The white posts you see that are in the way can be removed to raise the anchors.
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