Hobie Monocat 12, 1973, Mesa, Arizona, $395, sold 10/26/08

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1973 Hobie Monocat 12

  • Specifications:
  • Length: 11'9"
  • Beam: 4'
  • Weight: 150 pounds
  • Draft: 4"
  • Mast height: 18'
  • Sail area: 85 sq. ft.


  • Unsinkable one-piece catamaran type hull
  • Anodized aluminum mast and boom
  • Two-piece mast for easy storage and transport
  • Self-bailing deck
  • Foam-filled hull is unsinkable
  • Hobie Dacron reefing sail
  • Retractable centerboard
  • Adjustable hiking straps

    This is a very nice boat for day sailing. It is a monohull catamaran (single solid fiberglass deck with small hulls on either side). It is very fast, handles well and turns easier than a catamaran. It carries about 30% more sail than a standard sailboat of its size, so it can be exciting to be on the lake even in a light wind. It carries up to about 300 pounds nicely.

    Learn how to sail without breaking your budget and it doesn’t burn any gas.

    A few hairline cracks in the deck. Hull is very good. Sail, mast and boom are in excellent condition. Rudder, tiller and centerboard included. Needs vinyl trim molding (about $6), a new centerboard cleat and a few other bits. All can be purchased at West Marine, Camping World, on-line or Ebay. Needs TLC and a good cleaning up.

    I am including the Hobie 12 assembly and set-up instruction manual on a CD, which also includes other Monocat literature.

    Hi David,
    Tha Hobie 12 has been sold.
    Thank you,
    Mesa, Arizona

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    Hobie Monocat 12

    Hobie Monocat 12

    Hobie Monocat 12

    Hobie Monocat 12

    Hobie Monocat 12

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