Hobie 12, 1974, Snellville, Georgia, $750, sold 8/8/07

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1974 Hobie 12

  • Sail it alone or with a friend. The Hobie12 combines monohull maneuverability with catamaran performance in one tight, sporty little boat. Itís big enough to handle two 150 pound adults with ease and unsinkably safe so the kids can have it all to themselves. The Hobie12 is easy to rig, sail and maintain.

    Most catamarans have two pontoons connected by a trampoline between them. This boat has a single ABS hull with two side pontoons built in. A trailer is not included or needed with this sailboat. The sailboat weighs only 150 pounds. I have carried it to the lake in the back of a station wagon, pickup truck, on top of a sedan and on top of a 14' fishing boat.

    If you need a roof carrier, I can provide one for an additional $25. The normal method of making these is to bolt Quik-N-Easy brackets to 2x4s. On mine, I added a metal channel that allows the brackets to be adjusted for different vehicles. Only use these carriers on vehicles with steel rain gutters, welded on to the body. The brackets securely mount to rain gutters with a cam lever and clip assembly. The picture shows two roof carrier assemblies. The one in the back is in car position and shows the tie down bolts I installed. The front one shows the metal channel.

    Some Specifications of the Hobie12

  • Length overall: 11'-9"
  • Beam: 48"
  • Hull weight: 150 pounds
  • Draft: 4" with centerboard and rudder up, easy to launch and beach
  • Mast height: 18', Lightweight two-piece
  • Sail Area: 90 square feet
  • Sail Material: Tetron 3-1/2 oz.
  • Hull Material: ABS molded plastic coated with acrylic film and reinforced with expanded polystyrene foam
  • Lines: Braided Dacron
  • Mast, boom, rudder assembly are aluminum alloy
  • Rudder and centerboard are natural teak
  • There are two insulated storage compartments
  • Adjustable hiking straps
  • Telescoping tiller extension
  • Retractable centerboard
  • Controllable kick-up rudder
  • Race ready: comes complete with downhaul, boomvang and traveler control
  • Removable battens

    I have the original Assembly manual for the sailboat. I also have a sail bag for the sail and other components.

    This boat has never been in salt water. It was only used for several seasons. During that period it was stored in a garage, after that it was stored in a temperature and humidity controlled basement. I recently removed it from the basement, washed and polished it. It is in excellent condition. Perfect boat to learn how to sail!

    Thanks David,
    We sold the Hobie for $750.
    Your webpage was a big help for me.
    Snellville, Georgia

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    Hobie 12

    Hobie 12

    Hobie 12

    Hobie 12

    Hobie 12

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