6/12/06, 1990 Hobie 16, Jupiter, Florida, $2,175, sold 6/15/06

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1990 Hobie 16

  • one owner

    This is a great used boat. New Hobie 16's sell for over $8000. The plastic Hobie Getaway is priced at over $6000. This classic fiberglass Hobie 16 is most popular catamaran ever built.

    This is my third Hobie 16. I have loved them well enough to buy three boats over the years. My first was a 1976 model, which I bought used after graduating college. Then in 1984 I was lucky to purchase a new boat. I did it again in 1990. Then in 1991, my life changed. The carefree days of sailing and racing were replaced with the fun and duties of being a parent. Since then, the Hobie gets very little use, only a couple sails each year.

    Hobie 16 are easy to sail, and challenging to sail faster than the other guys...


  • Main and Jib Dacron sails (#94346) (White)
  • Dual adjustable trapeze
  • 6/1 Harken main sheet
  • Harken Swivel Jib Traveler System
  • Shroud Extenders (for easy righting)
  • "Aussie" Jib Halyard (2 years new)
  • New main halyard last year
  • Telo Cat bridle wind vane
  • Rail Carpet
  • Sky Blue tramp
  • New White rudders last year
  • Standard tiller stick
  • Quick release pins everywhere
  • Cat Cooler (two)
  • Tramp Bags (two)
  • Fiberglass sail box
  • Misc pins and spare parts
  • Beach Wheels (home made)
  • Trapeze harness (butt bucket)
  • Boat cover (old and tired, needs replacement)
  • Mast Comp Tip Cover (pretty good)
  • Rudder covers (needs sewing)
  • 1976 Yarbrough Trailer with 8 inch wide tires (20.5 x 8.0 w-10)
  • Buddy Bearings
  • New LED Stop Lights

    Over the years I have learned a lot about Hobie 16s and maintained this boat for reliable use. You can find many used H16's for less money, but you will end up spending more time fixing it and less time sailing a great boat like mine. Invest a little more dollars now, and have more fun sailing a Hobie Cat. The only thing that I believe that needs attention are the trailer tires. They are over 10 years young so they have dry-rot. They work fine for local hauls, but if I where trailering the boat across the country, I would replace the tires. The wheels are galvanized and are in fine condition.

    Sold thru another method but thanks for the posting
    Jupiter, Florida

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    1990 Hobie 16

    1990 Hobie 16

    1990 Hobie 16

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