Hobie 16, 1971, Chino Hills, California, $1,200, price reduced 2/19/08 to $1,118, sold 3/9/08

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1971 Hobie 16

  • I purchased this boat recently and began getting it up to my standards. Here is a list of additions and improvements to get it there:
  • Wheels 5/1/2007
  • Grease for wheels and grease gun 5/1/2007
  • Fiber glass repair books 5/6/2007
  • Washers and bolts 5/7/2007
  • Trampoline 5/31/2007
  • 2 trapeze 2 stays, rebuild for rudders, and tiller 6/2/2007
  • Straps 7/15/2007
  • Swage tool and Swages 7/16/2007
  • Swiss seat straps and two
  • Carabineers 7/16/2007

    I but it in the water once last weekend, WHAT A RUSH! This is the fastest sailboat I have ever been on. Unfortunately I am not able to keep this boat (NOT a good surprise) at my rental home so must sell her.

    Please mark my 16 foot Hobie sold.
    It has been sold via craig's list.
    Thank you for you site. I do appreciate it.
    Chino Hills, California

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    Hobie 16

    Hobie 16

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