1980 Hobie 16, New Bern, North Carolina, asking $1,999, sold 5/8/05

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1980 Hobie 16

new parts within the last year:

  • New Main and Jib sails (white), used 2 times
  • New sheet line, stays, and some other rigging
  • White Vinyl Hobie Tramp, one year old GREAT functional shape, has some mildew from sitting outside for several months without use
  • One new rudder
  • New Cams in rudder mechanism
  • New extendable hiking stick
  • New Water bag (never used) for righting hobie
  • New Mast Bob
  • Comes with Trapeze lines and one diaper
  • Comes with Trailer, this is a free item, it does not look great, but it gets the job done--it is galvanized.
  • SOLID HULLS!!! These hulls are from a newer boat, they are not original to this hobie, the only original parts to what I bought 2 years ago is the frame and mast. These hulls are white with NO SOFT SPOTS, there were some deep scratches on the inside (under the tramp) of the hulls from falling off a trailer and scratching on a trailer at one time, I epoxied these over and even added epoxy to the underside tips of the hulls so that you can beach the boat with no worry of messing it up.
  • Comes with Spare parts and lines, The boat has registration with the old hull IDs, but the trailer has never been registered--I have never had any problems nor anyone stop me and ask about it.

    Let me know if you have any other questions

    it is sold, thanks!
    New Bern, North Carolina

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    1980 Hobie 16 sailboat

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