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Hobie Tandem Island 18, 2010, St. Joseph, Michigan, $4,400, SOLD 8/31/10

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Hobie Red Tandem Island 18, 2010

My red hibiscus tandem island was purchased for a couple of events and I am selling now to move on to other events requiring a different boat.

The purchaser of my boat will have all standard equipment along with the following equipment that retails for $1,350+:

  • (2) Hobie Dodgers - silver
  • Hobie TI trampoline set
  • Trax 2 Cart
  • Hobie cradle set for transporting
  • (2) Mirage Drive Stow bags
  • (2) additional Gear buckets
  • (3) additional replacement Turbo Fins w/ss rod
  • (2) Mirage drive leashes
  • (2) bungie paddle leashes
  • (2) replacement Pedal Pad Kits
  • (2) replacement rudder pins
  • Hobie parts Screw in tool

    Nothing is broken, the sail is in like new shape. Aka tube fix is installed. The boat has some abrasions along the sides from trailer transport. Not structural, but cosmetic scratching. Amas were rubbing against the Vaca while on the trailer.

    I can assist with delivery for my costs.

    Alison, My Hobie sold.

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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    Hobie Tandem Island 18, 2010 sailboat

    Hobie Tandem Island 18, 2010 sailboat

    Hobie Tandem Island 18, 2010 sailboat

    Hobie Tandem Island 18, 2010 sailboat

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