Hobie 18, 1984, Piedmont, Oklahoma, $1,295, price reduced 5/8/07 to $1,149, sold 5/26/07

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1984 Hobie 18

  • Main sail - good condition includes sail cover
  • Jib sail - fair condition - needs some stiching repair.
  • Main and jib blocks - Harken and Seaway - good condition.
  • Furler mechanism is clean and works well.
  • All standing rigging has been inspected and is in good condition.
  • Rudder housings have been rebuild - new bushings (bronze) and aluminum pins.
  • Rudders are in good condition as are the dagger boards.
  • Hulls are in good condition.
  • Both cross beams have been refitted using epoxy filler to ensure a tight fit between hull and beam connecttions.
  • Trampoline is in good condition.
  • Trampoline rails have been refitted using #10 stainless flatheads through the hull flange into threaded 3/8" alum rod, which runs the full length of the tramp rails.
  • Trailer is in fair condition - needs lights and paint.

    Hi David,
    We have sold the first boat, the Hobie 18, for $1100.00. I have others coming to look at the Merit 22
    this week end; maybe it will go as well. I know you accept donations; is there a average % rate for your services?
    Piedmont, Oklahoma

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    Hobie 18

    Hobie 18

    Hobie 18

    Hobie 18

    Hobie 18

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