Holder 20, 1985, Orange Park, Florida, $1,800, sold 4/10/08

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1985 Holder 20 hull #214

Boat is dirty, unused since I moved off of the water in 2004 / and was not touched till yesterday when my son tried to remove the leaves and dirt from it. I had replaced all running rigging in 2003 and started to install a new Navman knot meter (all there just never wired due to job transfer). Well here it is four years later and I am transferring from here in Jacksonville Fl to N.C. and would prefer not to move her again since I am not getting a place on the water. The boat and trailer were both last registered in Ga. Ga. Is a non-title state so all you get is a bill of sale and my old Dept Of National Resources Certificate of Boat Registration. Also the trailer is not really designed for the boat ( again non-title state for small trailers just like boats ).

  • 1 Dacron North main
  • 1 old Dacron head sail 135?
  • 2 Spinnakers condition unknown
  • 1 short shaft 2cycle 5 hp motor (can't find gas cap) used to run good enough to get from dock to sailing waters

    Trailer is old and designed for lightning so a little on the light side, only about 500 miles on tires, wheels, hubs, installed for move 2004.

    Hello David,
    Thank you for putting my boat on your web site. I could have sold the boat a dozen times in 3 days thanks to your generosity in maintaining Sailing Texas for all of us.
    Thank you,
    Orange Park, Florida

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    Holder 20

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