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Hunter 27, 1990, Hartwell, Georgia, $21,900, price reduced 6/15/10 to $16,100, SOLD 9/29/10

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1990 Hunter 27

  • This is the second generation Hunter 27 which has a modern look and a no-nonsense layout. It has everything you need and not much of anything that you don't.. The 27 was offered with an outboard motor and tiller steering or an inboard diesel and wheel steering. This one has the wheel steering and a Yanmar inboard diesel. As a part of it's user friendly design, the 27 was built with a walk-thru transom and "sugar scoop" style swim platform. The scoop has a place to sit on both sides which comes in handy while watching the kids swim off of the back. This boat was designed with a 3/4 fractional B&R rig to provide ease of use and pointing ability. The ease of use comes from implementing a big mainsail with a large roach, and a smaller headsail. Because of the size of the mainsail, boats equipped with this rig can sail extraordinarily well under main only. This is one of the aspects of this boat that makes it easy to singlehand. With a smaller headsail, there's not as much jibsheet load to handle and it's also not as cumbersome to deal with up front. This boat is equipped with a bulb wing keel allowing it to have a shallow, 3'6" draft and still point very well. To add to the user-friendly design, all of the controlling lines are led back to the cockpit through line clutches making them easy to cleat and also easy to get to. There is one wench located on the cabin top to aid in hoisting sails and there are two self-tailing wenches for the jib sheets. I have one mainsail with a Sunbrella cover and one furling headsail with built in Sunbrella covering, both of which are in good condition. The roller furler for the headsail is made by CDI. There is a built-in anchor locker at the front of the boat with an anchor and plenty of rode included. This locker is self-draining making it easy to clean out. There are storage lockers at the back of the boat in the cockpit. Two are on either side of where the driver sits in the very back and one is on the port side of the cockpit. There is a speed and depth guage mounted on a Nav.Pod located just above the steering wheel. The boat is equipped with two batteries connected to a Perko house bank switch and a solor panel to keep them charged in times of non-use. It also has a 110V shore power inlet and an included shore power cord. There is a Sunbrella bimini to shade the cockpit, however the color of the fabric is a different shade of blue than the mainsail and headsail Sunbrella. It was that way when I got the boat and I always said that I would eventually change it, however I found that it never bothered me enough to make the change. Going down below into the cabin, you'll find the boat to be very spacious. Hunter lists the headroom as 6'1", I'm 5'10" tall and can standup throughout the cabin. There is a table, which folds down, with wrap-around seating centered in the cabin and there's a large v-berth to the very front. This v-berth features a section that folds up from being the back of a seat at the table to being an extension of the bed making it suitable for adults. There's also a full bed at the back of the cabin that stretches all the way across the width of the boat. There's an enclosed head which includes a shower, sink, storage cabinets, and of course a toilet. This boat has a water heater and an electric pump meaning that all the faucets and the shower work much like the ones in your home. Turn the cold water handle and you have cold water, turn the hot water handle and you have hot water. As you come out of the head to the left there's a navigation station. At this station is an electrical control panel which has breaker switches for both the ac and dc circuits. There's also a marine radio. Below the nav station there is a hanging wet locker for storage. There's also ample storage below all of the seating, the v-berth, and the rear bunk. On the oposite side of the boat from the nav station, you'll find the galley. The galley consists of a faucet (hot and cold water) with sink, a large built-in ice box, and a stove. There are cabinets for storage up high and down low. Just below the sink, around a corner, there's a built-in am/fm radio and a panel to test the strength of the two 12 volt batteries. The cabin stays fairly cool due to having plenty of ports. There are two large ports up top facing opposite directions and several side ports for cross ventilation. The inboard diesel is made by Yanmar and powers this boat really well. It doesn't appear to have seen much use in it's day and the only problem i've ever faced with it was replacing the water pump impeller (standard maintenance). The housing for the engine allows access from all four sides making it easy to deal with when maintenance is required. There are only three known issues with this boat. 1. The previous owner let the docklines get slack at some point causing the boat to rub the dock on the back port corner. This caused a bit of dock rash. I've have a picture to illustrate this. I can email it on request. 2. The rub rail on the very front of the boat is missing some backing. It was this way when I got it and has never bothered me enough to do anything about it. You probably won't notice it until it is pointed out. 3. I removed one of the lights in the cabin and have never gotten around to replacing it. This is a simple fix. Just picking out a light and installing it. There is a yellow Jim Bouy horshoe shown in it's mount on the back rail. I still have the mount but the horseshoe was stolen several months back so it's not included.

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    Hunter 27 sailboat

    Hunter 27 sailboat

    Hunter 27 sailboat

    Hunter 27 sailboat

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